[access-uk] Re: Penfriend backup

  • From: "Carol Pearson" <carol.pearson29@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 09:44:14 +0100

John, I do think this could be a problem for people and wonder, like you, how 
it's going to work.

I try to backup but not as often as I should and, you're right, changing one 
label means your backup won't be up to date.

I wonder if anyone has changed the batteries yet and whether this also will 
cause us to lose memory of labels recorded?  I wonder if someone from RNIB 
could confirm whether or not the memory chip is safe for some time after 
batteries go down?

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From: john coley
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Subject: [access-uk] Penfriend backup

> Hi everybody, as I said in a previous post I bought a
> Penfriend a few days ago. I haven't done much labelling
> with it yet, but I can see it being very useful.  
>   There is one problem I can see though, regarding
> backing up of labels. 
>   A backup will only be any good as long as no labels
> have been rerecorded since the backup. Unless therefore
> you back up whenever you rerecord a label life could get
> rather confusing.   
>   Since the Penfriend hasn't been with us for long I
> imagine it's far too soon for anyone to have restored a
> backup of their labels, but if there is anybody how did
> you get around the problem of labels rerecorded post
> backup.    
>                     John.

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