[access-uk] Re: Partition?

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 11:48:01 +0100

Hi Dave,

Is this drive as yet unformatted and unpartitioned?  If it
contains data you don't want to loose, you will need a 3rd
party utility.

If not, and it's virgin new, so to speak, you can partition
and format via Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer
Management, then select Disk Management.

Press F6 to toggle between the list of functions and the
list of drives.  When you have selected the new drive, Alt +
a will take you to actions where you should be able
partition and format from there.


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I can't see how to install it with Jaws though at all. It
just doesn't 


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> I'd go for partition magic.
> It's got a nice user interface, you can see what yoru
changes will look 
> like before it's done anything.
> It reboots your system, makes the changes and reboots back
into windows.
> ACB's main menu did a nice revue of it some years back.
> I think it was 5.0 they ddi and we are now using 8.xxx.
> But for these purposes it's pretty much the same program.
> Dj Paddy
> Ôà
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> Subject: [access-uk] Partition?
>> hi guys,
>> I have a 120 gb HDD, and would like to setup a partition
on this drive.
>> What is the best software to use for this.
>> I'm running xp home at the moment, but would maybe like
to have a duel 
>> boot system.
>> Billy

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