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Hi Steve.
It appears to have been replaced with the KX-TGJ324EB which also lists talking caller ID as one of it's features. See the following link.

On 06/01/2017 15:49, Steve Nutt wrote:

Hi Mo,

Worth noting that this handset is now end of life. I know you can still get it, but it is discontinued, so it is only while stocks last.

I don't know if they have replaced it with another talking handset.

All the best


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Hi David.
One of the models previously discussed on this list has been the KXTG8563 range, replace the last digit with the number of handsets required. whether or not this is compatible with hearing aids I am not sure.

On 06/01/2017 14:31, daj.griffith@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:daj.griffith@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I know this has been covered multiple times before and apologise
    for bringing it up again. I did try to Google list archives but
    did not get the information I needed.

    However I now need to replace faulty cordless phones.

    Checking on the RNIB website it appears that they no longer sell
    the Panasonic Cordless phones previously recommended  on this list
    for people who are both visually and hearing impaired .

    The model that the RNIB appear to have replaced them with -  the
    Amplidect 260 talking cordless phone  would appear to fit the bill
    but has pretty shocking and awful reviews on Amazon -  several
    people complain that the phones have dreadful sound quality which
    is of for a phone believed  to be suitable for people who are deaf.

    So if someone could guide me with a the model number of either the
    Panasonic or other alternative suitable phone for a person who is
    completely without sight and hearing impaired I would be very
    grateful. We also need a three unit system for our needs in the

    I don't need particularly other features, as long as I can use the
    phone without sight and hear it.

    David Griffith

    I am minded to try and find the  Panosonic model peple have used
    before  but searching on Amazon provides multiple Panasonic options.

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