[access-uk] Re: Palm Notebook or Whatever It Is!

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 22:08:30 -0000

That is what I was thinking Barbra.  My friend was just trying to convince me 
that it would be good to have but like I say with the NC10 and the N95.  I 
never use the Internet on my N95 though because I have no confidence to do this 
even though my accouont gives me Internet Access.

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  Elearnor, with your N95 and netbook, there's nothing else a PDA would do for 
you to be honest. Had one once with MSP and hated it.

  Barbara Wilson
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    Eleanor, Palm is an operating system for PDA's devices (Personal Digital 
Assistant). As far as I know no assistive technology works with these devices. 
But don't despair! There're other PDA's run on Windows Mobile operating system. 
Mobile Speak screen reader works with these devices. So if you really want a 
PDA there're options that are available for us VIP's! Check out Code Factory 
website at

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      From: Eleanor Burke 
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      Subject: [access-uk] Palm Notebook or Whatever It Is!

      I have a friend who has something called a Palm.  I have seen it and it 
is bigger than a mobile phone and smaller than a Netbook.  She tells me that 
its operating system is Windows but she is not very technical.  Anyone got one 
and could I run even Jaws on it?  guess I could not run Supernova on it but 
given that I am totally dependent on speech on my mobile I could cope with 
speech only on the Palm if that was possible.


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