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Messagehi, to be honest i don't think it matters what the networks claim their 
coverage is, there'll always be blank spots with all of them. when i was 
halfway up a mountainside in the scottish west highlands last year, my signal 
(i'm on vodafone) was clear as a bell. however i can't get a decent signal for 
love nor money in my parents-in-laws front room in fareham just outside 
portsmouth!! so go figure! smile
kevin - co-owner/moderator of the blind gamers discussion list
contact me on kream@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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  I've heard that T-mobile are supposed to score when it comes to Network 
Coverage, but of course could be totally wrong here.



  Mark Matthews
  Cardiff, Wales, UK
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  Yes, I would like 02 to do something as well as they are better signal wise 
than everyone else as far as I can tell.
  I am using a Samsung phone at the moment but am still waiting to try 
connecting it to my PC and testing the software.  i have been hoping to borrow 
the USB kit rather than buy one first but nobody around my area seems to have 

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    Thanks for this Ian.  I presume however the fact o2 aren't mentioned means 
they don't do any deals with Talks etc, shame, mine's up for renewal in August.

    Phil Stephenson
    Disability Officer
    Tel: 0115 8484495

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    Apologies to anyone on the BCAB list who's seen my earlier message.  
However, following discussion on this list earlier, just wanted to let you know 
that on tonight's In Touch there's chapter and verse from Vodafone about 
precisely which Talks enabled phones they supply on which tariffs.  And for 
Orange customers, there's an update on the situation with regard to Talks 
upgrade following the cancellation of Wildfire.  

    Cheers now. 



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