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Ray, you're right about the Mac issue.  But the whole point of proofing is that 
you have to see files in the final form in which they'll ultimately be sent to 
pre-press and then the printers.  I've already tried turning the files into 
text but that process in itself generates errors which aren't there in the PDF 
originals.  One option might be to emboss the files into hard copy Braille from 
the PDFs, but again it would require a very accurate transcription programme.
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  I fear it isn't much help to assk what format these files, or master 
documents are in before they've been converted to PDF, is it?

  I only ask because maybe rather than giving them to you in PDF they could be 
saved, maybe, from the format they were created in?  Maybe to RTF or something?

  I've a horrible feeling this could bring in issues of what platform others 
are working with. A Mac maybe?  (NOt blaming Macs as such, just that, maybe 
they see PDF as the natural choice of interchange.  Still, won't speculate 
further, as that's all it is.


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    To elaborate my problem, I have to finally proof read pages for a magazine 
before they're committed to Quark Express files for pre-press and printing.  It 
simply doesn't seem possible with Jaws V8 and PDF?  I'd imagine Quark is even 
less likely to be a runner?  does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?  Of 
course, the  whoe point of proofing is accuracy otherwise I'd print them and 
run them through K1000.  
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          As Adrian says, resolution isn't known to affect the accessibility of 
a PDF. The font face may be a factor though. Some fonts can be harder for a 
screen reader to pick up and interpret, particularly the more ornate ones. Just 
a thought.


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      Does the resolution of a PDF file make any difference to Jaws 8['s 
ability to read it?

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