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  • Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 15:00:56 -0000

If you go to File and Export, there will be a sub-menu, then arrow down it 
until you come to export as text and there will be another submenu.  I just 
choose plain text.  This is presuming that it is not an image file.

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  I currently receive newsletters and other correspondence by e-mail from my 
daughter's school.  This is in PDF format, but it appears that there is only 
one word per line.  If I read using continuous reading this is no problem, but 
if I want to browse through this document line by line, which I often do to 
pick up dates etc, I find it very hard to do.


  Does anyone now a way to make these documents read in a logical way, i.e. 
line by line. 


  I'm using jaws 11 and Adobe 9.


  Many thanks.



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