[access-uk] PAC Mate Calendar Issue

  • From: "Nige Hughes" <NigeFHughes@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "Access UK Mailing List" <Access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 19:19:52 +0100


I've just received my new PAC Mate at work, and although I've generally been 
getting on ok familiarising myself with it, I've screwed up something in the 
Calendar application.

Everything was working ok, but I think I've inadvertently moved into a Calendar 
view that the PAC Mate doesn't support, as the manuals and help files say the 
Jaws commands only work in the Calendar list view, which presumably I've moved 
away from.

This is what I'm currently experiencing:

1. No speech feedback about any appointments (or anything else for that matter).
2. the Braille display shows the initials of each day of the week.  Scrolling 
up and down has no effect, the display remains unchanged and nothing is spoken. 
3. navigating the screen with the Jaws cursor shows all the days of the month 
under the initials for each day of the week - it's this that makes me think 
I've moved into another (unsupported) view, as there are no appointments for a 
specific day of the month. 
4. The menu bar only provides two options; "New" and "Tools".  According to the 
manual I should also have "Calendar View" (maybe it was something in here that 
I selected to get to where I am now) and each day of the week.  Now I don't 
have "Calendar View" nor any of the days of the week.

I've tried exiting the Calendar and starting it again using 3 different methods 
(Today screen, Today screen menu and Start Menu screen) and have tried 
switching the unit off and on several times.  I'm reluctant to try any warm or 
cold resets as I fear other implications.
I know I've had this working, so it must be something I've done rather than a 
faulty unit.

Neither the manual nor online help screens provide any suggestions.  They state 
that the Jaws commands only work in the Calendar list view, but don't explain 
how to get to that view if you're not already in it.

Please can any experienced PAC Mate users help me out and get me back to the 
screen where I can access my appointments for a specific day.  Any help would 
be greatly appreciated.  I'll also email FS, but somebody on this list may be 
able to get me up and running again much faster.

Many thanks,


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