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I actually thought it was a good answer, and was better than I expected!!!  (I 
am used to Steve really dissing a product when he doesn't like it, so I was 
pleasantly surprised).
When you considder it is just a mobile phone, Steve confirms that it works 
well.  However, it is only a mobile phone.  Think of it kind of like having the 
sort of features you would get on a cheap Motorola that you could buy around 
five years ago and you are probably nearly there, only this is a more expensive 
version.  However, you have to decide whether you only want those features, or 
whether you want the features of a modern phone like connection to bluetuth, 
picture messaging/camera, etc.  You pay ££300 for the Oasys phone, but could 
end up paying more for Talkx phone with Talkx if you are not on a contract.
The important points for me currently are battery life, and the size, however, 
will probably gnd up getting a Nokia for the fashion aspect, plus the phone 
contacts are easy to backup (unless the Oasys stores it on the sim which would 
be slightly better, as you could pop the Oasys sim card into another phone and 
do all contact management from there).


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Your answer is not much of an explanation more biased towards Talx as your 
company sells that package.  

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