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  • Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 15:00:20 -0000

Thanks I still can't find it!!!!  wonder if it is a hidden file.

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  Eleanor/Larry, Larry's suggestion should help you identify the precise 
location of the PST file, just remember that you won't be able to copy it with 
Outlook running, although you can use the other options provided by Outlook in 
the menu.

  Richard Godfrey-McKay

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  Hi Eleanor


  The quickest way to find the pst file associated with Outlook is to open 


  Depending on which version you are using you need to find Data File 
Management (on 2003 and 2007 this is on the File menu)


  Once you have pressed enter on Data File Management you will be in a list and 
one of the options would be Open Folder and this will take you to where the 
file is.




  Larry & Elliot GD


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Eleanor Burke
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  Subject: [access-uk] Outlook.pst File


  I am trying to find this file on my system and cannot do so.  Sorry to be 
stupid.  Richard has given me assistance off list but still I hav e not located 
it.  Can someone tell me step by step how to locate it please.  I have been in 
to the C drive and looked through all the folders but have not come across it.  
Been in to Windows folder and Office folder but still no luck.  Then Richard 
suggested I do a search for it.  I did this too but 32 files with the p .pst 
extension came up.  Only one which I knew to be a Microsoft Office one because 
when I hovered the mouse over it, it said it was a personal outlook folder.  
However, the size was only about 700 KB so maybe that cannot be right either.  
Thanks for all help.



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