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Hi Mandy

this is what I do to search the whole of my computer for something, a file
folder, whatever:-

1.    minimise aps using windows key plus m.
2.    press f3.
3.    in the field for all or part of the file name, type the name of
whatever it is you want to find.
4.    tab twice to the look in combo box and select  where you want to look
for the file, you could use hard drives, c: D: whatever the number of your
hard drives is.
5.     tab several times until you hear search.
6    press enter and wait around. The computer will look for each and every
occurrence of that name, you could see it several times.
7    at this point you can tab to the folder view list view.  Windows will
populate that view with anything it finds with the name you chose.  You
should be able to identify the path to where the folder or file is.

Once you know where it is, you should be able to import the folder you need
in outlook express, you'll probably have to tab around the various options
for that.  I don't know Outlook Express but it shouldn't look too dissimilar
to other windows based programmes, it will have look in, various views or
whatever.  I can't help you necessarily with that as such. but if you have
an idea where something is from the windows search, that's half the battle.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for emails, nothing has yet helped.

I emailed a guy I know who works with computers - he said this:
Search your whole computer for files ending in the extension .DBX

Outlook express has a default store folder and if that somehow got moved,
that would have the same
effect.  So if you look for any DBX files, and then find the OE store folder
and find that there are
DBX files in there which are clearly the ones containing your messages,
e..g. they will have any
custom folder names that you've made, the important thing to do immediately,
is to make a copy of
all those DBX files, in fact copy everything that is in the folder they are
in, to a known safe

Having done that you will be able to re-import them into O E by choosing
File menu, import messages,
from a store folder.

He says search the whole computer for this folder, how do I do that please?


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