[access-uk] Outlook Express.

  • From: "Mandy" <mandy.MJC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 14:26:31 +0100

Thanks for emails, nothing has yet helped.

I emailed a guy I know who works with computers - he said this:
Search your whole computer for files ending in the extension .DBX

Outlook express has a default store folder and if that somehow got moved, that 
would have the same 
effect.  So if you look for any DBX files, and then find the OE store folder 
and find that there are 
DBX files in there which are clearly the ones containing your messages, e..g. 
they will have any 
custom folder names that you've made, the important thing to do immediately, is 
to make a copy of 
all those DBX files, in fact copy everything that is in the folder they are in, 
to a known safe 

Having done that you will be able to re-import them into O E by choosing File 
menu, import messages, 
from a store folder.

He says search the whole computer for this folder, how do I do that please?


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