[access-uk] Re: Opinions regarding Skype and Security

  • From: "Tristram Llewellyn" <tristram.llewellyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 10:30:55 +0100

WEP is quite broken, however unless someone was in range of the network
and had the necessary knowledge or wherewithal to break it then it
probably is not a direct attack, although as I sad it is definitely
possible.  I would definitely look into getting WPA going if possible
because if you do anything important online it is a real vulnerablility
with which you don't want to take the chance. 

You might want to look at other common sotware like flash, any installed
JAVA platform and probably a favourite target of Adobe Reader.  However
your browser is probably the biggest target because it can run code on
your machine like JAVASCript or in the case of IE activeX controls.  As
I said changing the way a browser deals with running any code like
JAVAScript is really a good way to defend your PC now.  Whilst Microsoft
have become much better at security they still slip every now and again
and the latest one is if you have Silverlight installed, if any site
uses this you can get access to dot net applications without any
permission being asked at all right now.

If you had up to date anti-virus/firewall software on the machine that
should really prove that:
A) the anti-virus software can only do so much because they are playing
catch-up with the bad guys.  Therefore if anything does get on it cannot
deal with you could be screwed anyway.
B) There is some other route into the machine that is more or less wide
open and is probably the browser or some other unpatched software.

There is an application and I notice toady also an online scanner at
this site for Secunia which will help you keep track of updates and
patches that you may need.  The download application may need some use
of the JAWS cursor however using it is doable:


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