[access-uk] Opinions regarding Skype and Security

  • From: "Chris Hallsworth" <christopherhallsworth71@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 21:29:40 +0100

Hi all,
This discussion I feel may be of good value, but could also be contraversial, however my girlfriend's laptop had to gone into servicing today after serious problems has developed, including up to 40 malware attacks. The main origin of these attacks came from Skype, and the computer company dealing with the laptop claim that viruses and other malware can be transmitted over Skype without prior warning, for example accepting requests from contacts. This, apparently, isn't the case with programmes like Windows Live Messenger and Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox. If this is true, then I've never heard of this statement before, and I rather would go with the idea that it's a number of things, such as an unsecure wireless network, XP's weaknesses in security, etc. If anyone can back me up on the above statement, then this would be greatly appreciated, as we may be considering not to use Skype in the near future. For now though, Hannah's researching for a new laptop, and, should the old one work again, she'll buy an external drive, perform a complete backup of her data, and, once she's bought the new laptop, she'll give the old one to her mother, who's been without a working laptop for several months. I look forward to your comments regarding this, and I thank you in advance for them.

Chris Hallsworth

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