[access-uk] Re: Online banking with Nat West

  • From: Mobeen Iqbal <mobeeniqbal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 13:27:36 +0100

Hi Catherine.

I am with RBS, Natwest and barclays. all 3 providers have known about card readers when i've called and requested one. barclays were very prompt actually in sending one, so were natwest. they are universal, which means that if you already have one from barclays for example you can use them with RBS or natwest. it all depends who you get whenever you ring them. i often find as well that if you pop in to a bank they can be more helpful. a lot of the customer service advisors don't seem to know anything about accessibility. if you don't get anywhere, drop me a note off list and i'll see if i have got a card reader going spare that's speech enabled that i can send you.

all the best,


On 13/05/2014 13:20, Catherine Turner wrote:
Hi all,

A few months ago I was asking here about online banking with Natwest.
I was thinking of opening an account with them and wanted to know how
accessible the banking was.  Some of you said you found it fine and
mentioned talking card readers so I opened an account.

Now I find myself needing to make payments for which a card reader is
required and have asked on several occasions to get a talking card
reader.  Every single person I've spoken to at Natwest tells me there
is no such thing as a talking card reader.  I'm wondering how/where
those of you who bank with Natwest got your card readers?  Maybe it's
possible they've stopped doing them?

I'm extremely frustrated and find it disgraceful that either they
don't do talking card readers or there's one person somewhere in
Natwest who knows about them and hasn't saw fit to tell anybody else.
Either way I'm going to be making a complaint but in the meantime I'm
hoping someone here might be able to help me track down the elusive
talking card reader.

One wonders what on earth was the point of their questions about
disability when I opened the account.  If they don't do something
constructive with the information as far as I'm concerned it's an
invasion of privacy.


On 12/17/13, Catherine Turner <catherineturner2007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Does anyone here bank online with Nat West, and could you tell me what
their log-on process is, whether you need a talking card reader etc? I
am in the process of opening an account with them and have asked about
this but so far nobody has answered my questions.


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