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Christine, I'm puzzled about this message.

I've just been to their web site at:

their phone number is:
or Customers in the UK: 0845 22 55 005

Email address is not readily available as it's presented as an image
to try and thwart spamming as pointed out in another message.

I can find nothing telling me they've been taken over or gone out of
business, and their diary for exhibitions seems quite full.  A lot of
stuff too about 'incredible Miles.  Er, well, I'l pass on that! Still,
if they have gone out of business it must have been quite recently.

Keep us informed  about how you get on in trying to contact them.


From Ray
I can be contacted off-list at:

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From: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]On
Of Christine Weetman

Anyone know what's happened with Guide?  Just over a year ago, they
sold my
friend a computer package, laptop, keyboard, printer/scanner/copier,
access screenreader, 3 years guarantee and free upgrades.  Cost her
Seventeen Hundred Pounds!

Now she's lost her email and she's told Guidemail has gone bust.  She
me it is softwear enginerering (I think she called it) now but she
can't get
any help or support from them.   Anyone know anything?  As a totally
person who bought a laptop from commet and installed my own version of
and now have a 3 in one which cost me only £59 I am quite disgusted
horrified at the treatment she has had to put up with, yet she doesn't
it as anything but marvelous.

Guess I am asking if anyone out there knows anything and provoking the
question of "Why BIP's should allow themselves to be ripped off like

Best wishes, a disgusted Christine W.

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