[access-uk] Re: Olympus LS-3

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  • Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 16:48:13 +0100

Hi Clive


It does use voice files, and started speaking at once.




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Hello tony and fellow listers,


I placed my order for an Olympus LS-3 on Amazon, and today I did another
Google search and found a lower price.  It is available from A1Stores at
134.93 ex VAT and free shipping.  I cancelled my Amazon order and purchased
one from A1Stores and was told they are expecting delivery next Friday.
they also sell office equipment at discount prices.  Take a look at:




You have to create an account before placing an order.


tony, further to your points in your e-mail, I understand the LS-3 uses
prerecorded voice files as in earlier models.  did yours come up speaking
when first turned on?


Best wishes,


Clive Pallett



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