[access-uk] Re: Olympus DS-50 Voice Recorder / MP3 player

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Though I'm tacking my message onto what Sandra has said, I'm aware of Steve
Nutt's later comments too.

I wouldn'gt regard the Olypus DS50 as a 'pro' machine either, but that isn't to
denegrate what it does.  (In fact an argument could be had as to how 'pro' the
R09 is, but I see no point in arguing about that.)

People considering buying itshould, INHO, regard it as a
conference/meeting/dictation machine which is entirely automatic record level
wise, and also happens to have a fair measure of accessability which no
mainstream competitor has at all.

One situation I would like to hear it used in is interviews.  It may well be
that a good many who don't want to become 'techies' in any sense will want a
relatively straight forward machine to take around with them which gets the job
done well enough for say local talking newspapers or the odd Podcast.  (No, I'm
not suggesting Podcasting is it's main use, but given a sound editor that can
import WMA files then that would be an obvious use for it.)  As it is, with
Studio Recorder at least, it seems that an intermediary conversion program would
be necessary.

Seems that Olypus might consider MP3 recording as an option if they are
encouraged sufficiently by sales of the DS50 and its cheaper siblings.  I'd also
add that, anyone considering reviewing any recorder for portable use might give
us some idea of it's use in interview situations.  I'm always conscious of how
much blind people have been denied effective employment opportunities in audio
related work which is why I am interested in such a use for this machine, as
well as other recorders, both more and less accessable than the DS50.

From Ray
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I feel I must join Andy in defence of the Olympus DS50 here.  I purchased
one from Hagger Electronics and am more than satisfied with it.  The unit is
about 95 per cent accessible, which is good enough for me.  I've also
purchased a pair of BSM9 binaural microphones and am getting good quality
recordings.  It's easy to convert files from WMA to MP3.  As usual, we've
been ripped off here in Britain on the price but then what's new?  I've also
used the recorder as an MP3 player for film sound tracks and audio books and
have no axe to grind with the quality of the playback.  It's small and
inconspicuous when taken outdoors and I think Olympus should be commended
for making the effort to give us some sort of accessibility.  I do wish
people didn't always look for perfection;  it doesn't exist.  It seems to me
that whatever a company tries to do to make their products usable by blind
people, there will always be folks who are just never satisfied.  The
Olympus does exactly what I want and, like Andy, I have no regrets about
buying one.


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