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Thanks Jackie.

I think the re-branding from 'blind and partially-sighted people" to "people 
with sight loss" is a significant step in the wrong direction, but it confirms 
what many of us have thought for a long time - that they are really not 
interested in the blind.

1.       As I was born with roughly the amount of sight I have, when I read 
that, my gut instinct says: "Do they mean me? They surely don't!"

2.       It leads to muddled thinking, in which some politicians now think that 
congenitally blind people don't need financial support because they have 
learned to cope throughout their lives...then the RNIB criticises the 
politician for making such a crass statement, when it's only the product of the 
seeds they have sown.

3.       And most importantly, in the spirit of "nothing about us without us", 
I don't recall the RNIB asking people whether they wanted to be feferred to as 
'having, experiencing, or even suffering' sight loss, so the term smacks of 
being foisted upon us by sighted do-gooders.

I wonder where is the best place to air these views and open the debate. I know 
for certain that the profoundly Deaf community wouldn't put up with this type 
of nonsense.


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Hi Clive

There is some rebranding going on as RNIB now has this RNIB Approved feature as 

Kind regards,

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Hi all,

I'm not expecting a discussion here, but please can anyone tell me off list 
when the strap-line on RNIB's web pages changed from:
"Supporting Blind and Partially-Sighted People" to:
"Supporting People with Sight Loss". The supplementary question is:

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