[access-uk] Re: Office and my other PC issues + new microsoft access support experience

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I read these accounts with interest given my own experience with Mo remotely 
accessing my PC and also Dolphin remotely accessing my PC.  With Mo's level of 
IT technology I have always been confident that if the remote access goes wrong 
then he will be able to guide me with key strokes until we are up and running 
again.  Likewise with the Dolphin Tech Support Team.  There have been times 
with Dolphin when there has been no speech and running Narator has helped until 
the given screen reader has been re-established.  Now maybe I am missing the 
point here.  Was the Microsoft IT person, someone who was there to assist 
people with assistive technology?  If so then surely he should have been able 
to continue the session and re-establish the remote access.  I am glad 
nevertheless that you appear to have got up and running to an extent.
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  Hi vanja.

  How strange! I don't think that disabling everything could have kicked office 
in to life, if it did then I wonder what the offending program was? Perhaps it 
didn't install fully if a dll is missing or unregistered? Have you tried 
entering the pop details for hotmail manually instead of letting outlook use 
its own options? I agree about microsoft though it should have been obvious to 
the rep that he wouldn't be able to connect. Maybe he did it on purpose? I hope 
not but you never know. Anyway let us know how you get on. As I said I have 
never seen a machine like yours hahahaha.


  vanja@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    As most of you might know I wrote on here a few days ago about the issues I 
had with windows live mail but also  installing the office 365.

    First of all I would like to thank Mobeen from this list for trying to help 
as well. It was a long process, but just like me he pretty much ran out of 
ideas and we just weren’t sure what to do. He did try hard and took out good 4 
hours or so out of his life to try and help with this.

    My next step was to try and call the new Microsoft accessibility support 
number that they have introduced. I did that on Thursday night. After 
explaining what the problem was the customer representative remotely connected 
to my computer. He also tried a few t hings (I won’t bore you with the details 
if you really want to know e-mail me off list and I will explain further) none 
of it worked. The customer advisor’s next plan was to do selective start up in 
MS config so to do a totally clean boot up to see if that will help the issue. 
This is when my issues with this particular support person started. I could 
hear what he was doing or at least I could hear that he was going to MS config, 
but he didn’t say anything. When I asked him what exactly he was disabling, he 
told me that he was basically disabling *everything*. I warned him that this 
was a bad idea because this way not only will I lose the sound, but also 
internet connectivity so after rebooting I’ll have no sound nor he will be able 
to reconnect to my PC. He assured me that internet would still work. I, 
possibly stupidly, decided to listen to him, but what I suspected is what 
exactly happened. There was no audio and no internet. Even after entering my 
password, the agent was not be able to reconnect because there was no internet 
conectivitty as it was disabled on start up. He then just told me to ask for 
sighted help and to call back once I got my sound back. He was even surprised 
that, as he said it “jaws didn’t make any sound”. So all in all it is great 
that Microsoft has this number. It is great that we can get free help with any 
of our issues with Microsoft products, but I think there needs to be some more 
staff training. I can sort of understand why the guy wanted to do what he tried 
to do, but I am annoyed that even after I warned him as to what would happen he 
didn’t think it would. He really should have known.

    So then yesterday a friend came and we put my computer back to normal start 
up. After that, neither of us have any idea how, but office 365 installed 
absolutely perfectly.

     < /p>

    The only slight issue I have now is the following: when I add my Hotmail 
account to outlook it brings up an error message that a DLL is missing and then 
outlook crashes. If the Hotmail account is removed outlook works absolutely 
fine with the rest of my accounts. I have tried to install an update, which was 
offered to me when googling about the missing DLL, but update claims that it 
does not apply to anything on my computer. Though my Hotmail account is by no 
means essential or im-portant to me, it would be nice if I could use outlook to 
check it. Quite ironic that microsoft’s own e-mail address is the one that 
crashes Outlook.

    Another issue is with conversation view. I don’t know if the conversation 
view is meant to be on by default, but in instance of my outlook it is not and 
I am not sure how to turn it on. I tried everywhere, but there doesn’t seem to 
be anywhere that I can find to do so. Thanks a lot for reading.

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