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can't say it better! Jackie, we are thinking of you, please, please, don't try to do too much too soon, it must be frustrating but you'll see, all this rest and strictly controlled exercise will do you good in the end.

All the very best,
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I see you're being good and resting already!  <Grins and sniggers>

Seriously, we're so delighted you're home. Write more when you're able and get someone else to do some of the hard work when you can't!

All the very best for 2008.  Keep going girl!


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 Hi Everyone

Apologies for cross-posting as I appreciate several of you are on both the Access UK and VI-Gen lists.

However, I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2008, and to thank those who have been so supportive in offering their good wishes. They have meant so much to us in getting me through what I can only describe as two weeks of complete and utter hell.

I got home today after an incredibly complex operation on my back. In short, I lost a lot of blood and, worse still, Cerebral Spinal Fluid. The latter caused my blood pressure to nose-dive that led to severe headache and loss of hearing in my left ear, both of which I still have.

But you can't keep an old dog down, and though I'm under strict orders to be good and rest, I'm back! I have to say though that the care I received was fantastic and of the highest order, and access to amenities and assistance from staff was phenomenal at all times. I even used my mobile all the time without anyone complaining - just as well when there were no Patientline facilities on our ward. I even had my own room with en-suite bathroom. I couldn't have had better treatment even if I'd won the Lottery and paid for it that way (smile). And Ian was looked after by everyone as well as I was. They gave him his dinner, and assisted him to and from the ward when he arrived and left, it was brilliant.

Finally, did anyone receive anything techie from Santa? Apologies if you've done this one to death already. Just curious (smile).


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