[access-uk] Re: Off Topic Lists killing organisations

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 10:40:47 +0100

Dave, I understand and sympathise with your frustration re. off-topic threads
and unwillingness of many to get involved in any way in campaigning on issues
etc.  Just a few short suggestions.

1.  Vi-gen  list is possibly a better forum for this sort of topic.

2.  Just possibly, TAFN is another place to air these concerns.  They have at
least a couple of email lists open to members and non-members alike, and there
on-line presence via their website and Ventrillo community rooms seem to me to
be an excellent way of discussing such things.  In fact, I'd say given the
pitiful lack of mobility of so many VI people now, internet audio chat and
Skypewould seem some of the more promising ways forward for VI campaigning.

Sorry to say this though, but complaining about continual off-topic messages
on lists like this isn't going to get anyone very far.  Banging your head
against a solid surface is what such complaints amount to.  In a freewheeling
world like today's the discipline of staying on topic just doesn't exist for
most folk.  You may well find the same if you ever did manage to get enough VI
people to struggle to a meeting in person.  Maybe just another reason why
campaigning seems a non-starter these days.

From Ray
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I have done so frequently, and have put details in places like whitestick,
but people don't often read archives and check things out, and will carry on
discussing something that isn't technology related on here and other lists.
I'm not against lists, far from it, but do think that we are losing the
ability to campaign collectively because people just ask off topic questions
on lists, not just this one!


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