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Thanks Ray very much.  It needed saying, whatever the forum, and I did that so 
it makes me happy and satisfied.  I couldn't have got through that two weeks 
without the love, kindness and genuine support - for that's exactly what it was 
- of those people, and I'll never forget it.  They went well beyond the call of 
duty for me.  What I said on In Touch didn't even begin to cover it.

Here's just one small example.  Despite having so much surgery in my life, I 
still can't come to terms with anaesthetic, and fight terribly against it to 
stay in control.  The night before my operation, the anaesthetist came to talk 
to me, as they normally do.  She asked me why I was so frightened, and I 
explained it went back to childhood, when they used to hold me down and smother 
my face with a horrible gas mask.  Between us, we worked out a plan to allay my 
fears.  She allowed me to hold the oxygen mask up to my face while she gave me 
the injection in my hand, and didn't force me to clamp it there.  She also 
promised faithfully to stay with me even when I woke up, and when I did, she 
was there, holding my hand and calling me.  She even came to see me later on 
that night to see if I was ok.  She didn't have to.  Her work was done.  I'll 
never forget her nor any of them.

Anyway, thanks again.

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  Congrats Jackie on your In Touch appearance just now.  You came across as 
warm, but not gushing over the very good treatment and attention you - and Ian 
- got during your hospital stay.

  I'd say go ahead and send a recording to the Grampion Health Authority, and 
maybe a letter pointing them to the In Touch site where there will be a summary 

  A heartening tale too maybe for some local audio mags, what with all the bad 
news we have to report.


  From Ray 
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    Hi List

    Some of you may remember that I wanted to give positive feedback via 
perhaps In Touch to my recent stay in hospital.  When I came home three weeks 
ago, I was having great difficulty in contacting the In Touch team, and had 
actually given up on it until this afternoon.  I got a phone call asking if I 
could be interviewed to say what a good experience I had received, especially 
given how ill I ended up being anyway.

    I am delighted that I have now been able to say how well I was treated, and 
how NHS Grampian went that extra mile for both of us.  I can't tell you how 
much this means to me, especially after all the negative things we read and 
hear about.  I thought that I would let you know that, in the end, sense 
prevailed, and that this was a good outcome.  I very much doubt anyone at NHS 
Grampian will hear it, but the fact is I hope it gives some blind person out 
there some reality that not everything in this world is bad for them.


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