[access-uk] Re: OT but may be important for members

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  • Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 18:13:07 -0000

I have had similar calls from Alliance & Leicester, wishing to confirm
purchases using an automated service. It is genuine in the cases I had, so
worth checking in your case, as if you do not respond, they lock the account
in case of fraud!


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John, In the few times Barclays fraud department contacted me it was a real
person at the other end and calls were handled in a satisfactory way. But
things may have changed. Best to ring Barclays phone banking and check with
them and maybe let us know? If things may have indeed changed, and it is an
automated call now as you describe it, I won't be impressed either.

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Hello All,

This morning I have received two calls from the number 0845 
3512291 purporting to be from Barclays Fraud Section. It 
invites me to press any number to continue. I strongly 
suspect that this is some form of scam, if only to get you 
to press any number and be charged for the pleasure of 
nothing. And, of course, it could be even more sinister; or 
it may even be genuine.

Has anyone else received such a call from this number and, 
if so, do they know if it's genuine or not?

If this is Barclays Fraud Section, I am not impressed by 
this superficial and impersonal method of contacting 
customers about what may turn out to be a serious matter. 
People,  like me, are always going to think that this sort 
of call is a scam and ignore it.

I have checked  on Google and it is mentioned several times 
but some of these reports say that it is a genuine number 
and others that it is sham.

Any more reliable details would be  appreciated.


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