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Andy, see below.


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Hi Billy and all.

Don't know anything about the Virgin Media Box, but if it is anything like
the standard Sky Digibox, then why not consider purchasing an AV Unit like
the Yamaha ~$X-V359, which you can get for about £150 from Richard Sound

The box plug's into this and you can have either 5.1 Stereo Surround or
simply left and right speakers beside your TV.

The good thing about an AV unit is that it normally has a couple of Optic
Inputs/outputs.  You can use these, via the Soundblaster external sound card
to include your computer into the system.

Not only does this set up allow you to enjoy better television audio, but
you can also play any music on your computer through the system, and also,
by using a digital recorder, such as GoldWave, record the audio from the
box, into your computer.

I frequently record audio described movies using this system.

I also like listening to my music collection, through the system, which is
now on my computer, without having to go through a load of CD cases and all
the difficulties we have identifying particular albums.

Furthermore, if your box is like the Sky box, then you will also have Radio.
At the moment, I'm listening to Radio Scotland's Ian Anderson in lovely
stereo, while writing this message.

If you, or anyone wish to know a bit more about achieving this, please get
in touch with me.

Best wishes.


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