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Well Andy, yes, it is OT on this list, but good that yu've won the case.  

Interesting the DRC took it up.  I know of at least one other case, a 
'disability led
organisation'(so called) that suffered quite a heavy fine when the DRC took up 
a case
against unfair dismissal, in this case a guy with learning difficulties.

My only point here is, that if you get the DRC interested, there's often a good 
chance you
will win as they do seem to choose the cases they'll take on.

From Ray
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Hi all.

Some list members may recall, around 20 months ago, I wrote to this list on
several issues relating to my treatment from Argyll and Bute Council, after
I had secured a Social Workers post with them.  One of the messages
concerned a Risk Assessment on me which concluded that as a blind worker, I
should not be located on any floor other than the ground.  Well, as I said,
there were  a good few similar issues between the time when I got the job,
January 04 and when I was sacked on May 6, without commencing in my post.
Well, I took the authority to the Employment Tribunal in Glasgow and the
Disability Rights Commission took over the funding after a few months.  This
afternoon I received a letter from my lawyer advising that my case against
the authority was successful.  I will have to wait a little while longer
before I'm told how much compensation I will receive, but it's just
fantastic to have won my case.  With a bit of luck, it will be all over the
papers up hear so perhaps Local Authorities will finally accept that
discrimination  of disabled people will simply not be tolerated any longer.

Best wishes.

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