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OLD TECHNOLOGY QUERYAfraid I can only Suggest Ian that you, or your friend, put 
a wanted advert on recycle it, or similar VI list.

This thread is certainly turning up a few walks down memory lane.  I prsume 
your friend would be glad of the frame, whether its the old metal frame, or the 
new fangled plastic version that appeared in the 60s!  Considering that led is 
poisonous I'll bet those type were replaced by plastic eventually.  Then, 
again, young kids might have swollowed them!  Yes, the Taylor frame wouldn't 
have stood a chance were someone trying to launch it again today.

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  I would sell my soul to have one of those again.  Did you know they also made 
algebra type?  At one time I had both.
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    Hi all, 

    Does anyone have, or know where I could look to borrow a Taylor frame such 
as we used to use for arithmetic when I were a lad?  Won't explain more cos 
you'll either know what one is or won't.  I'd also need the type to go with it. 
 Private suggestions or advice greatly appreciated and gratefully received.  

    Cheers now. 



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