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I don't think Talk is the culprit - but that Nokia say that putting Talks
onto the phone negates any warranties.


Christine M.



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Hmm, sounds like the same process will have to be performed again. I have an
N70 myself, and the calculator works fine. FYI, I have Talks 3.20.2, but
that shouldn't affect whether the calculator works or not. The calculator
has always worked, no matter what phones I owned. Hope that helps.

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My N70 has developed a problem with displaying the calculator, it pops up
and then goes of.  Mobile inform me that Nokia has said that any software,
including Talks, negates any warranties.  Is this true, if so, why should VI
communicators be penalised in this way?  Secondly, any thoughts on what
might be going on with the calculator, several months ago I had a similar
problem with the extended profiles.  In that instance Nokia wiped the phone,
talks was reinstalled and all seemed well until no


Thanks in anticipation.


Christine M.

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