[access-uk] Re: Nokia and Talks

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  • Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 13:14:27 +0100

I was told the same thing by t-mobile but it is t-mobile staff who are 

I didn't take this up with the company as much as I should have done because 
I was so disappointed with the poor signal coverage that I changed provider 
as soon as my contract expired.  However, there is really no need for this 
special department for disabled people the company has.  Most tasks could be 
carried out by call centre staff and I found the staff there to be lacking 
in knowledge and often really quite unhelpful.


Graham Page
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Ah. The reason why Nokia is saying that is because they didn't make the 
software in the first place, so they will say things like that to try and 
rip you off, smiles.
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  From: carl moore
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  I don't think Talk is the culprit - but that Nokia say that putting Talks 
onto the phone negates any warranties.

  Christine M.


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  Hmm, sounds like the same process will have to be performed again. I have 
an N70 myself, and the calculator works fine. FYI, I have Talks 3.20.2, but 
that shouldn't affect whether the calculator works or not. The calculator 
has always worked, no matter what phones I owned. Hope that helps.

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    My N70 has developed a problem with displaying the calculator, it pops 
up and then goes of.  Mobile inform me that Nokia has said that any 
software, including Talks, negates any warranties.  Is this true, if so, why 
should VI communicators be penalised in this way?  Secondly, any thoughts on 
what might be going on with the calculator, several months ago I had a 
similar problem with the extended profiles.  In that instance Nokia wiped 
the phone, talks was reinstalled and all seemed well until no

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Christine M.

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