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Nokia don't really believe in high megapixel cameras, that is why the Nokia N86 
has been the only one to date and late at that.  Comparing it with my old N95 
camera they may have a point because whilst I admittedly made non-scientific 
tests the difference is not as great as one may expect.  Also compared it 
against my Canon IXUS which has slightly less resolution but the optics and 
flash make the thing a much better camera still than the N86.  However the N86 
camera has been optimised somewhat for low light conditions which makes it 
quite useful especially for the mobile OCR work.

Even so the camera on the N86 knocks spots off anything the iPhone can do which 
it admittedly has a good colour processing algorithm but in terms of facilities 
notably the lack of a flash means it just isn't there.  It is a tight squeeze 
in those iPhones to get a camera in, even tighter on the iPod touch which 
turned out to be abortive at the last minute anyway.


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