[access-uk] Re: Nokia 6600, 6630 phones

  • From: "Brian Hartgen" <brian@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 14:51:23 +0100

Hi Ray
Here is a copy of a message I sent to the BCAB list. The subject line related to note-takers, but it refers to the 6630. I hope it helps.
Messsage starts

Like you, I use a laptop computer for much of my work, and I use my Braille Lite mainly as a "pen and paper" mechanism for jotting down notes and that's about it. For some time now, I have not even used my Braille Lite to keep track of appointments, as I found Outlook a much more efficient method of both interaction with and storing them.

As of quite recently, I have been using a Nokia 6630 mobile phone with the Talks software installed and a bluetooth extremely lightweight keyboard.

Using this combination, I am able to:

1. Obviously keep my contacts in order, so that I can call people quickly when I need to.

2. Synchronise my appointments stored on my PC as part of the Outlook calendar.

3. Store brief notes to myself which are easily accessible by pressing a shortcut key I have assigned for the purpose.

4. Using a program called Quick Office, I can view, edit and create Microsoft Word documents, assuming I don't want to do anything too complex.

In practice for me, this means that if I want to write a training or assessment report using this method, I can write the bulk of the text, but will then have to edit the text slightly on the PC if I want tables, which I usually do. So there is a slight limitation.

5. The bluetooth keyboard application I have set to always load when the phone starts. This means I can just grab the keyboard when I need it, turn it on as it's probably gone into standby to conserve on battery life, but then it is ready.

6. As an added bonus, although I have to say I have become proficient enough at "texting" to the extent that I do not need the Talks software speaking all the time, the fact remains that using the Bluetooth keyboard makes the whole experience of "texting" that much easier to do.

7. I also use a bluetooth headset so I can hear phone calls and Talks if necessary without disturbing other people. It also means of course that I have both hands free when talking to people if I want to make notes.

On the negative side, there is only one thing I am not able to do which I want.

Let's say that I have created a note for me to call someone back later, or maybe I have stored it as a calendar entry. Whilst I can easily copy the text for pasting elsewhere, I cannot paste it into the phone's main application for dialling. This is very annoying. What I have to do is to create a new contact, and delete it if I feel I am not going to want it in the future.

But apart from this which I can live with, I like the portability and flexibility of the phone, and if necessary, I could use it for entering, retrieving and manipulating E-Mail, although I tend not to do this for various reasons. I don't have Braille access to the phone, so I have gone through a re-adjustment process for reading longer documents, but again, this is certainly something I can live with. Given that you do not want a Braille display, this may be the answer.

I hope that helps.

Brian Hartgen

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