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Thanks Saqib

Since I raised a question concerning the effectiveness of the GPS receiver on 
the Nokia 6220 I thought I would paste an answer I found in a review which 
suggests it is superior to the N82. Some may not like this phone because it has 
a mini audio jack. 

Is there a wayfinder Access list or is anybody willing to explain in simple 
terms in what situations the phone draws down data. For instance if you are in 
an area where you have created a route? There are more queeries but perhaps 
they will be answered by the way.

 The GPS receiver is much more sensitive than the ones in the N82 and N95. It 
has a quite small startup duration
- just 10 seconds to boot from cold and lock in to your current location.


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  Hi. I was told the GPS receiver is better than the standard N95 built in 
receiver. I cant be sure if it's any better than the N82 receiver. 
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    Subject: [access-uk] Nokia 6220 and GPS receiver


    Has anybody used the Nokia 6220 with wayfinder access please . 

    How does the GPS receiver compare to that on the N95 or N82. If there are 
any other comments that seem relevant like battery life please make them.

    Many thanks.

    Peter Bentley


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