[access-uk] Re: New sort of security check?

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Thanks George, but the part that's inaccessible is not designed by CV
library. As you may have noticed, the part where one needs to register is in
a frame, which is from another website. CV library just advertised that
particular job, but the part of the site that's inaccessible comes from
another domain. I will contact the company in question, I was just really
curious what this is and wanted to make sure that there was not something I
could perhaps do that wasn't obvious to me. Thanks for your help though.


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Why not telephone or write to them - details below.




01252 810 995


CV-Library Ltd
Beacon House
10 Waterfront Business Park
Station Approach
GU51 3TX


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That looks like a device used to weed out"bots" but has the unfortunate side
effect of reducing accessibility. one method these people could use is to
add code to the sliding arrow so that its purpose is confirmed when a mouse
hovers over it.( ofter all isn't html5 supposed to address the accesssibilty
issue? )

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OK this is a totally new one on me. I don't know if this is a replacement of
a dreaded visual verification, you know "please type characters in the
picture" type thing and if so, it's totally inaccessible. Hell I don't even
think things like webvism can help with this. It is a job application, but
in order to even fill the application in,  one needs to register. In order
to register aparrently one is supposed to unlock/"move slider to the right".
I have never ever seen this before. Am I missing something or is this really
totally inaccessible?
1> &loaded=1


I wonder if some sort of legal action can be brought against these people as
surely they are not giving an equal opportunity of employment. Obviously I
will contact them first and see if this can be resolved but I want to
confirm that I'm not missing potential way of fixing this issue myself.


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