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Jamie, thanks for your usual and, compared to some here, human response
to my earlier messages.  I've emailed you off-list, but suffice it to
say here that I'm not by nature a conspiracy theorist.  The cock up
school, maybe!  (Not necessarily to be taken as another dig at our most
famous charity.)

I'm interested in the funding of what may emerge as much as what
actually does emerge.  Whatever is decided, will be taken in the light
of a business decision as much as anything I believe.

From Ray
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> Ray,
> Fair point, I'm sure that there are situations where this impression
> is created and, on occasion, suspicion is warranted. (Smile)
> As for the cost side of things, again you are quite right, nothing has
> been discussed about any of the possible costs as yet.  Costs of the
> hardware, the services to be offered, broadband deals, routers, etc,
> etc is all likely to be in the melting pot for discussion as is the
> whole way in which this kind of system might operate.
> We can but wait and see what the next few months throws up - hopefully
> something really positive and exciting for everyone - and no, this is
> not veiled talk meaning that we've already got something worked out in
> case anyone is getting ready to extol the conspiracy theory again!!
> (Smile)
> Regards,
> Jamie
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> Jamie, thanks for your detailed response.  My comments were made much
> more towards the TNAUK offering of the web box rather than anything
> your employer has done, or might do in future.  This said, I sometimes
> think that the what seems, to me, rather less than open, or
> informative approach of The Royal as to its future plans does make
> some of us think there might be something to hide, whether or not this
> is so.
> My comments on cost were the up-front cost of buying these things in
> the first place.  We don't know of course, and presumably RNIB hasn't
> decided as yet, what the initial cost, if any would be to users might
> be of the boxes, and whether or not their may be a cost involved like,
> say, the cost of the Talking Book Streaming service.  
> No doubt this will be part of the evaluation and maybe the future
> could see a subsidised Web Box type device announced;  but this is
> pure speculation on my part.
> I simply don't know how the radio streams and other services offered
> might be organised, but from what's being said I gather some form of
> centralised server based selection would be offered.  A modest example
> of this is what TAFN offer on their web pages.  I wonder if this is
> what the consumer offerings in fact rely on, viz a server where all
> this is organised, and no doubt keeps a record of visits to stations
> for the benefit of advertiser's 
> So, we shall just have to see won't we?  Hope The Royal is a little
> more forthcoming after April 's conferring.
> Ray.

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