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  • From: "Clive Pallett" <clive.pallett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 09:53:18 +0100

Hello listers,

How many of you are proficient braille writers on a hand or pocket frame? I've had a couple in the past and although I managed to write braille in the mirror style, I never achieved fast writing speeds. Yesterday I visited RNIB's online shop and found there is a new pocket frame. I was impressed by the description so I ordered one. Here are the details.

Braille King pocket frame

Unlike traditional braille frames, the Braille King is an upward writing frame, which uses a unique hollow-ended stylus to produce the dots. Braille is written from left to right, so you don't have to worry about reversing characters as you write or having to turn the paper over to read what you have written! This small durable and light-weight pocket-sized frame is ideal for all braille writers as
well as sighted friends and family.
if you are blind, the Braille King pocket frame will save you from having to
 write braille in the reverse mirror writing method. The new hollow-ended
stylus enables you to produce braille as you would read braille, from left to
if you are sighted, you can now easily write a greetings card or quick note to a blind friend. Simply copy the braille characters printed on the pocket-sized
 plastic pouch
 great for short notes and reminders, recording phone numbers and shopping
lists, making labels and marking up receipts, tickets and other documents for
 easy identification later on
blue plastic four line frame, each line has 15 cells (60 cells in total) and
 produces single-sided braille
tactile markings on the upper plate make it easy to keep track of where you
 are as you write
pins are located on the underside to keep the paper in place, enabling you to easily check what you have written without removing the paper from the frame supplied with a plastic style and spiral bound brailon notebook (product code
 BP63) in a handy pocket-sized white plastic pouch, which has the braille
 alphabet printed on it in blue
the frame is fixed inside the pouch with Velcro and can be removed if required
 works well with plasticised materials, such as brailon and plastic
 self-adhesive labelling material
also produces braille on 9mm and 12mm Dymo tape with guides to hold the tape
 in place.
BF21 - Braille King pocket frame
Price: £9.95 (Ex. VAT)  £11.69 (Inc. VAT)

Hope the above is helpful.

Best wishes,

Clive Pallett

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