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  • From: "Justin R" <mypc128@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 10:03:54 +0100

Yep, i have to say I agree with Peter on this one. Although, it wasn't much of a bear bug for me to set up an account to get ZT 9 beta. However, it's simply annoying having to set up an account to access a "public" beta. Is it really that public if you have to set up a username and password in the first place? It's easy to do as, they don't ask for much info and you're not having to fill in text boxes of details. I didn't have to, funny that I was never asked to set up any buyers account or anything. I may had been directed to the international form though. I feel any beta, if stated as a public beta should be accessible without any need for signing up. The activation process of ZT and jaws worries me, especially if we should ever lose our activation numbers. A lot of people complained about the introduction of the activation process on the zoomtext list a few days ago. It's a shame access technology companies have to go down the route Microsoft already did with WinXP. I'm just concerned with instances of a major hard drive crash or, wanting to install a new hard drive to replace the old etc.

Spyware; hmmmm... I think what you might be experiencing Ray is that Zoomtext actualy does send out info to the net on two issues. First, their automatic updates process does this, I think it does this each time the PC starts, in case there's an update. Secondly, everytime a webpage loads zt accesses some database in order to retrieve information for zt's appreader to be able to read out the webpage concerned. This is a constant thing and the current full version of Zoomtext has a habit of doing this in a sloppy manner, I.e. the already downloaded page has to refresh itself in order for me to to start looking at it. Don't get that senario with zt 9 beta, thankfully. So zt shouldn't have spyware on it although, information is sent to aisquaired on the issues I've discussed though.

I love the new neospeech voices zoomtext 9 has <smile>.


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Subject: [access-uk] Re: New Zoomtest

Hi Ray,
AISquared already have my email address, my snail mail address, my
visa card, and whatever it takes to buy and register their product. Recently,
by email of all things, they announced that they have version Beta 9
available for download. So I went to the site and was not happy to find that
I needed an AISquared account, to download the product.
Also now, every page offers you the chance to open an AISquared account. I
think it's a bit silly. Personally I want as few usernames and passwords as
possible in this internet world.
I'm just thinking of what a pain in the butt it would be if you required a
username and password for every store you entered in the high street.


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