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  • Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 14:23:57 +0100

Well I guess it is a bit anoying to have to go through form filling to download 
trial software, but I would exspect at the least to submit an email address.  
There is though another issue that concerns me;  namely whether Zoomtext is 
installing spyware, or adware when you install their product.  Before anyone 
accuses me of scaremungering I am very well aware that some bot software does 
actually have legit uses.

I bring this up merely because an aid I downloaded recently, namely Highjack 
This' identifyes zoomtext using a program to log web activity etc.  I could be 
more specifiic if I took another look.

Given the way in which more and more spyware is integrating itself into other 
processes in order to make it very hard to get rid of, I suppose it is just 
possible some third party nasty is riding on Zoomtext, but I simply do not know.

So the question is:  Does Zoomtext install spyware, or whatever it is?

I may post another message on what has prompted this reflection on spyware and 
Zoomtext, which was getting rid of Searchsquire, a known search hijacker and 
web activity logger.

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From: "Peter Logue" <peterlogue@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi all,
> I was pleased to read of the new Zoomtext that is now available in beta. I
> went to the AISquared website to download a beta copy and give it a try. I
> was not pleased however to find out that I needed a AISquared username and
> password to access the site and download my beta version of the new product.
> Needless to say I did not do so. I wrote to the company voicing my
> disapproval, and no doubt they will tell me that having a username and
> password on their site will only add to improved service and increased
> security. Sometimes guys, aren't they going a little too far. Imagine how
> you'd feel if you had to have a username and password for your local
> Woolworth, and had to be subjected to a body search in the process of
> entering the store. Sure it all adds to security. But at what cost to
> pleasure and convience , convience? um. That's another way of saying
> convenience.
> Peter, who's totally pissed off because his Jaws wont' register and FS don't
> seem to answer his emails requesting a registration authority.
> And who's thinking of window eyes very serously.

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