[access-uk] New SpeakOn features release - 6 June 2009

  • From: "Isaac Porat" <isaac@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 07:08:06 +0100

Hello All,
A new features release of SpeakOn 2.2, 6 June 2009 is now available. 
The highlight of this version are new features making SpeakOn an ideal
player for listening to both Live and 'On demand' radio.  Thanks to
RadioTimes for their excellent co-operation.  The ability to browse, search
and preset thousands of stations and shows has been available for a while.
With this version, station schedules for 7 days ahead are available for main
stations including the BBC.  You can navigate seamlessly from any show
(known as programmes in the UK) and play the station if broadcasting live or
any archive if available in either podcast or BBC 'Listen again' formats.
You can quickly skip content within a stream.  Station recommendations,
error reporting and direct links to stations' websites are also available.
Other new features in this version include improved and consistent
information across all media types, efficiency features and the ability to
scrobble your own music to Last.FM.
For those who are new to SpeakOn, it is a self-voicing software environment
for finding, retrieving and playing audio and text media.  All media local
to your computer or remote on the internet is presented in the same simple
tree-like structure.  You can navigate to the media you want, select it and
it is automatically downloaded or streamed and played in the same SpeakOn
player which handles both audio and text.  Common audio formats are
supported including MP3, WMA and Real.  You can either operate SpeakOn using
a standard keyboard or an external low cost numerical keypad using one hand
from the comfort of your armchair.  SpeakOn has a low footprint (the
installer is only 3.8 Mb) and it is highly efficient making it ideal for use
with Netbooks. 
SpeakOn is available free from:
This page contains information about SpeakOn, the types of media it
supports, links to the download page, manual and mailing list.
The new radio features are explained here:
Media information is explained here:
Efficiency features are explained here:
Scrobbling your own music to Last.FM is explained here:
The 'What's new' page is at:
Instructions for upgrading from an older version are at:
The download page for new users is at:
If you experience slow download, this is probably because of demand for this
new version so you may like to try again in a day or so.
The manual is at:
Enjoy - and if you like SpeakOn, please forward this announcement to any
mailing lists, blogs or bulletin boards you feel are relevant.
Isaac Porat
SpeakOn's author
email: speakon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Website: http://www.a-technic.net/speakon.htm

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