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Hi Steve -

I've lost access to my desk top machine, and the saved messages, so was going 
from memory and clearly getting mixed up with what you said you prefered in the 
netbook range.

What I am looking for is something with more than 4 hours battery life, and 
that has wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. It doesn't have to have a hard 
drive, but would need to be able to take a 16 SDHC mem card. Incidentally, for 
netbooks that don't come with hard drives, where does installed software 
reside? I've never had a machine without an HD! -

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  Hi Andy,

  You haven't been reading my messages <Smile>  I don't like the Asus range, 
not enough storage.  I prefer the MSI Wind, even over the Samsung Netbook.  it 
has a nicer keyboard, and the right shift is in the right place, an annoyance 
to me with the Samsung.   The other thing about the Samsung is that you have to 
press the FN key with the shift key if you want a colon, otherwise you seem to 
get a dash.  'orrible machine.

  Sorry Jackie, I don't like it <Smile>.

  All the best


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  Hi all -

  Need some input here from you all, including Steve Nutt and Jackie Cairns 

  I'm looking at netbooks, and would like clarification on the Samsung that 
Jackie and others have bought recently, as well as info on the Asus range that 
Steve seems to prefer.

  I'd appreciate make and model please, and any thoughts on the below that I 
found on Play:

  Asus Eee PC 900 Win-BK / Intel Mobile / 1GB / 12GB / 8.9" / Windows XP / 
Netbook / Black

    a.. Chipset: Intel 
    b.. CPU: Intel Mobile 
    c.. Display: 8.9" (1024x600) 
    d.. Memory (1 slot only): 1024MB 
    e.. Storage (Solid State, on board): 12GB 
    f.. Card Reader: SD/MMC 
    g.. Connection: 802.11 b/g / 10/100 Ethernet 
    h.. Expansion: 3 USB / VGA Port / Headphone/Mic-in 
    i.. Camera: Yes (1.3M) 
    j.. Battery Cell: 4 Cell 
    k.. Colour and Paint Type: Black 
    l.. OS: Windows XP (Preloaded) / Windows Live Suite, MS Works 
    m.. AC Adapter: Output: 9.5V, 22W / Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz universal 
    n.. Warranty: 2 year UK C&R 

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