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Hi Barbara,


Don't you mean Function and F11?


All the best





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To Jackie and all who are interested in this topic


I looked it up in the manual and it appears that my netbook at least was
shipped with Bluetooth turned off. This might not apply to other models, but
this is what I had to do so maybe it is worth a try.


I had to hold down the Function key and keep pressing F2 which cycled me
through WLAN off, Bluetooth on, WLAN and Bluetooth on etc. I stopped at
Bluetooth and WLAN on and the next time I opened my Bluetooth program it
took me through the set up wizzard in which I gave my netbook a name,
selected the type of device, what connections to allow etc.


I have to confess I got a sighted person to do this, so I'm not sure how the
set up would have worked with JAWS. I just didn't want to get half way
through and then not be able to get any further. A cop out I know.


It's all sorted now, so I am happy, hope you get yours sorted Jackie, but
maybe try that Function key and F2 and see what happens?




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