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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 09:06:38 -0000

28 January 2008

Hi Listers

I was an 'Early Adopter' of the I-Player AD Set Top Box from NetGem and it operated more or less satisfactorily since its Original Installation. I have used it less often over the past twelve months or so as I now have one of the 'all singing and dancing' Portset Digital Media Centres. However, I have continued to use the I-Player to listen to say BBC Seven and BBC World Service when the DMC is recording a Programme.

I accept that the many new TV and Radio Channels will not be identified other than as "Unknown Channel" until there is an Upgrade of the Software to include the requisite 'Voice Tags' and as I understand that despite all their Early Promises about Support and 'Wonderful' Extended/Additional Facilities NetGem are no longer supporting the I-Player AD I am not holding my Breath. However, over the past few months, every Channel has been identified (?) as "Unknown Channel" - even BBC1, BBC2, etc which were quite satisfactorily identified previously.

I have checked for more up to date software on Channel 900 but the latest Version is 4.6.23F - which if Memory serves me right it has been for perhaps two or more Years. I have undertaken a 'Retune' ("Menue" + "Yellow") on a number of occasions to check whether this will 'jog its memory' but without success.

Is there a way of triggering the Station Identification Facility or am I stuck with "Unknown Channel" on every Channel until some 'Kind Soul' (e.g. RNIB) produces a Special Update with a whole new set of 'Voice Tags' and makes it available via Channel 900?

Any help appreciated.

Best Wishes




Bury, Lancashire, United Kingdom

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