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  • Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 16:47:38 +0100

It is the reverse with me.  I can play youtube items using firefox but not 
withinternet explorer.  
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  I'm using FF as I've set webvisum to automatically open, and I'm captcha 
solving every day.  Other than that, ff works well for me really.  I don't 
think it's any faster than ie 7 though, and like you Carol I didn't really want 
to change either.  The only tiny issue is that when I log into my account (BT) 
Jaws doesn't read the password box, and the cursor doesn't drop into it either. 
 I just press down arrow once to overcome this.  No other issues as yet, though 
I was managing to play Youtube videos just fine through IE and now I can't 
through FF.  It says that either Javascript is disabled, (which it is not) or I 
need to update Flash, (which may be true).  Not sure what the truth is there.  
Might have to use IE to see what happens.


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    Well, some say that there are problems with certain pages ... but I 
certainly ffind the page layout not so clear as with IE.

    It's true, I haven't used it a great deal but IE does all I want it to do 
and I didn't really want to change, so I suppose that's my preference.


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    > I disagree with you re firefox.  It is a farsuperior browser.  I have
    > been using it now since version 1 came out in 2006 and have had it as
    > my primary browser since then.  
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    > Hi there,
    > Facebook's home page is at
    > http://www.facebook.com
    > In my experience, it's not that easy to do, though I think some
    > people have signed up using the mobile version ...  (Well, that's
    > what I was led to believe, but help for me wasn't forthcoming there.)
    > In any case, for me, it was a matter of first preparing for this and
    > it's really a bit of a sledge hammer to crack a nut!  You may not
    > realise this, so I'll give you a bit more detail here.  
    > First I needed to download Firefox.  If you don't use it already, go
    > here: 
    > http://www.mozilla.com/
    > You'll find it's very much like IE in the way you can use it, except
    > that some commands are changed and, in my view, it's not quite so
    > good.  Pages also appear less spaced out when using Jaws which (when
    > full with links etc) can feel a bit cluttered.   
    > Anyway, once you have Firefox installed, you need a plug-in.  You get
    > this by going to 
    > http://www.webvisum.com/
    > Use Firefox when you get this plug-in and it will be automatically
    > installed for you.  You need the Webvisum plug-in so that the visual
    > captcha you get, once you've entered your details can be understood
    > by Jaws.  Otherwise you need sighted help to get you signed up. 
    > Webvisum only works with Firefox, so when you sign up for Facebook
    > you need to use Firefox and not IE.  Also, the captcha isn't always
    > read correctly the first time so you may have to try signing up a few
    > times before you get there.       
    > I got there eventually, but it took a number of attempts and a lot of
    > frustration over a couple of weeks, as I wasn't aware of that fact
    > when I was trying to sign up.  
    > Anyway, I've now been using Facebook for a couple of weeks and am
    > getting round OK. 
    > Hope that helps a bit.
    >> Could anybody give me an easey link to register on facebook please.
    >> Thanks in anticipation.
    >> Best
    >> Fran.

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