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There is no way - maybe the Bilark adviser could tell you?  Don't just
count the number of slotsin the back of the case, as sometimes the slots
are blank as the motherboard is not the same size of the case.  At least
one slot in the motherboard also if you don't have a separate graphics
card - relying on onboard graphics, then at least one of those slots
will probably be a AGP slot also - usually the first slot in the
motherboard from the top.






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I Have a similar question.

Is there any way of finding out with Device Manager if I have enough
slots on my computer for a Nebula card, please?

My computer shop charges sixty pounds per visit, and are excellent, but
maybe there's a way to avoid getting them to visit me.

Thanks for your help.

At 10:16 02/07/2006, Sunil typed furiously:

Hi, I'd like to get the Nebula TV card but I've got a question which
I've been unable to find the answer to on the Nebula site.  My computer
is several metres away from the TV and the socket for the external TV
Aerial.  I don't want to trail a cable from the aerial across the front
room to my PC so what alternative solutions are there?  The other thing
is that I'm subscribed to Sky already - honestly don't know if that's
relevant or not and whether it affects the way I would connect
everything up...ta in advance
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