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  • Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 21:37:41 -0000

Hi Audrey - Many thanks for this, feels like I can now breathe a sigh of 
relief, will be back in touch with them in the morning to sort it out.

I got so frustrated with them this evening, I rang them at ten past 8, and they 
asked loads of ID questions, and then told me that after 8 pm, they didn't have 
full access to all resources, and would I call again in the morning! Feels like 
a ridiculously fraud obsessed set up they have, I have non of all this with 
other online accounts. All part of the fear culture, sometimes think I'm the 
only one that doesn't buy in to it.

Anyway, thanks again, very helpful -

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  HI Andy.

  Yes, this was happening to me repeatedly from about July this year.  It is 
actually caused by your screen reader tracking what you are doing, so you are 
correct, you have no virus.  What you need to do is ask to speak to the malware 
department and they will be able to put you onto a white list that will exclude 
you from the locking out process.  For a while, they were advising you to do 
all transfers and payments by telephone banking, but they now have this new 
system sorted out.  I have done several things under this new system and it now 
works.  The only annoying thing is that they will still phone you when you add 
a new payee and ask you if you did this, but its a minor annoyance compared to 
getting constantly locked out.


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  Hi all -

  Is anybody else repeatedly locked out of their online banking with Natwest?

  When I call them I'm put through to their fraud department, and told that 
somebody was trying to use a false page to divert me away from the secure cite. 
I don't believe this is the case, as it has happened the last 3  times I've 
tried to do a transfer. I have scanned my system and found no viruses. Anybody 
any thoughts or experience of this happening? -


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