[access-uk] Re: NVDA QUESTIONS

  • From: Vincent Thacker <vince@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 19:30:09 +0100 (CET)

Carol, sorry, can't advise about using Eloquence with NVDA as it's, loosely 
speaking, illegal to use it in that way.

Now, if you have an old version that happens to work on your machine without 
being limited to Jaws or Window Eyes or whatever, well, then it would just work 
with NVDA and with everything else, but for a long time, these open versions 
haven't been used.

The problem goes back to the owners, Nuance. NVDA did try to do a deal with 
them so that they could legitimately sell an NVDA version, but the last I 
heard, Nuance weren't going to develop Eloquence any more, but at the same time 
didn't want to let it go into the wild either. NVDA would need to sell several 
hundred licences to make any further approaches to Nuance worth their while, 
and, well, try asking a bunch of blind people if they want to part with 30 
quid, and you know what the answer will be (grin).

It's hard to summarise which key strokes are like Jaws and which are not. Not 
being that familiar with JAWS, I would need to go through the process in 
reverse. All I can suggest is you mug up on the important keystrokes in the 
Commands Quick Reference found on the NVDA Help menu.

NVDA obviously didn't want to create simply a clone of JAWS, which could have 
landed them in court.

Page navigation I think works pretty much like Jaws. I'm referring to things 
such as H for heading, L for list, i for list item and the rest of it.

Normally, you don't need to remove an old version of NVDA when updating. It's 
only usually necessary if your settings have got corrupted and you get 
unpredictable results In that case you would want to get rid of possibly dodgy 
.INI files.

Hope that helps a bit. Drop me a line off list by all means if I can be of use. 


Message Received: Nov 28 2013, 03:13 PM
From: "Carol Pearson" 
To: access-uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [access-uk] NVDA QUESTIONS

Hi all,

I am looking for advice on NVDA as one who uses it only in a limited 
fashion and doesn't really understand how the keys differ from Jaws.

First, I was sent a synth driver so that I could run Eloquence with 
NVDA. I can't remember the filename. I probably have it somewhere but 
want to check before changing computers. If anyone knows what this file 
is called or can send me a copy, if I don't find it, I'd be very grateful.

Second, I need to upgrade NVDA and want to know if I should remove the 
older one I have, which is a couple of versions back, before installing 
new. Do I need to upgrade to the version after I have and then again to 
the latest? Do I need to uninstall what I have before installing?

Third, and finally, I keep getting stuck with NVDA because I don't 
understand their notation of keys and, though many are like Jaws, others 
are not. I get stuck particularly when it comes to reading parts of a 

I currently use this just for mail and to try to get me out of scrapes 
from time to time but don't feel competent enough on the web. Perhaps 
someone may be willing to help me with this.

Carol P

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