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Hi Eleanor,


You can easily find this out.


Go into Control Panel, then Display, then over to the Screen Saver tab, and
set the screen saver to none, noting its present name.


Now see if the music goes away.  If it does, just set it to a different
screen saver, or do what I do and disable it altogether.


All the best





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Can someone tell me what on earth is going on.  I left my NC10 turned on and
went in to another room, then I began to thin I was hearing some gentle
music and decided to go and investigate.  The sound lead me to the NC10 and
I kept thinking, I have my mobile on charger, it cannot be it!  I presume
that this music came on as part of the screen saver because once I moved the
mouse the music stopped.  Has anyone else had this experience?  I know I am
very pleased and excited about the NC10 but am I going overboard here?!





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