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Dave I am saying this:

When I went to the RNIB the day before Sight Village in London, I made 
enquiries about the models of phones which Talks could be put on.  2 lists were 
given to me, the RNIB factsheet on mobile phones and a list from the HI-Tech 
department.  At the desk in the Resource Centre a lady showed me a phone on 
which RNIB had Talks to demonstrate wht Talks was like on a mobile phone.  This 
phone was not for sale, simply demonstration.  I was then shown a mobile phone 
by the same lady.  She said it had been purchased by a visually impaired person 
and told me from what company.  The person found thay could not manage it when 
it arrived with them and as they had paid six hundred pound for it which 
included Talks, they were selling it for two hundred pounds.   RNIB was 
obliging the person in being prepared to show the phone to people who seemed 
interested in purchasing a mobile phone with Talks.  Now you have to read in to 
that for yourself what role RNIB was taking in the selling of the phone.

I told the lady the following day that I would purchase the phone from the 
individual for fifty pounds as I already had a copy of Talks and another copy 
would cost me fifty pounds.  As it was an N70 I felt that if the phone went 
wrong, I would have no guarantee or warantee so like anyone in a bargaining 
position I decided I would make the lowest possible offer and work upwards from 

My offer was rejected, I am told, by the person so I made a much better offer.  
There was no response and I was not surprised.  I then stated on this list that 
I had seen the phone at RNIB etc etc and what I was writing was seen by a 
member of RNIB staff.  I was contacted and we discussed issues round Talks etc, 
nothing to do with the purchase of the phone.  This was on Saturday morning.  I 
was very surprised sitting at home at my computer that I was telephoned by 
RNIB.  The person was to get back to me on Monday but unfortunately has not 
managed to do so.  I then decided to put another posting on this list about the 
phone.  Can't remember now if it was late last night or first thing this 
morning but immediately I had a response from RNIB about the phone.  Previous 
e-mails to them re the phone had not been responded to.

I was informed this morning that RNIB were now no longer having any part in the 
sale of the phone and would be contacting the individual concerned to let him 
know this and rhey would be recommending to him that he conducted a private 

Incidentially while some of you may think my offer was very low in the first 
instance this was because I had been told that the phone was there at the RNIB 
since March.  That would suggest to me that there had been very few offers and 
at least I was making an offer.

We will now conclude the mobile phone episode as I think it has come to a 
conclusion at RNIB also.  However, it is disappointing for the person who did 
purchase the phone that he has not been able to obtain training either through 
social services or simply through a list like this because I am sure all of you 
would agree with me that Talks is fantastic now and enables us to do so much 
more with our mobile phones.  I was very reticent about getting Talks myself 
but once I did, I was won over immediately.  I hadn't a clue how to use it or 
the phone and now thanks to this list and another list, I can use my phone very 
well indeed and would not be without it, hence my desire to obtain a second one 
to meet my needs.

Finally I have purchased a second phone, a new model and I am sure I will be 
very pleased indeed with it.

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  Hi, I must say I find this whole communication disturbing. Are you saying 
that RNIB has gone into selling second hand goods, or do you mean an individual 
who happens to be based at RNIB doing something of their own bat to try and 
help you? If the latter, you shouldn't say RNIB because that implies the 
organisation are doing this not the individual person. It is an important point.

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  I am pleased to say that this outlet Access.co.uk is fantastic.  Since 
putting out my communication re the above, I had within minutes a response from 
RNIB informing me that they are now unable to contact the gentleman on whose 
behalf they were selling the phone!  Interesting!  All I can say is if you are 
out there Sir and on this list and wishing for assistance or if anyone knows 
you, we would all be delighted to support you in gaining the necessary skills 
to use the phone with Talks.  Personally I have had so much help and support in 
the short time since I have been a member of access.co.uk.  Thank you all very 
much indeed.



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