[access-uk] Re: My iPhone 8 is dying

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Hi Jeff.

We actually sell all variations of the blind shell, smart vision 2 and iPhones. We would be more than happy to talk you through the features of each phone and discuss the pros and cons. Zoom/teams demonstrations can also be arranged so you can gage the responsiveness of each handset as well as the features they offer. Please don't hesitate to drop me a note off list.


is my personal email.



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Hi Jeff

I would suggest the Kapsys smart vision 2, let me know if you would like further info. Cheers!  Graham

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At least the battery is, and I am told that four years is about average for the battery.

I have never been that comfortable with it, I do like buttons.

What I would like my  new phone to do is:

Be operated as far as possible by voice.

Make calls I can hear, send texts, read emails easily and run BBC Sounds which I find bloody difficult on the IPone.

A version of facetime would be good.

Don’t mind specialist blind phones but obviously mainstream is better, but  I do hate the IPone at the moment, but fear that retraining might take some huge effort.

Open to suggestions, but remember I am to technology what Joan of Arc  was to fire safety.

Depressed, but stay well and happy,


PS realise that this  is an impossible ask but you lot are really good at dealing with my lunacy.

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