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As far as I'm concerned, this initiative from Oxfam is a very poor way
of donating to a charity. During a radio broadcast, a representative
from Oxfam confirmed that only 10 pence goes to the charity from every
pound spent on the downloaded music by the user.

It seems to me to be a great deal of trouble for Oxfam, with little

Steve Green

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Thanks Andrew for a very thorough and informative article on the Oxfam
of doing business.

The credits thing is a real put-off for me.  I'd much rather pay
cash and know  what the percentage is that I'm paying over that goes to
Exfam.  You have told me enough to know its not for me.  And the varying
degrees to which you are allowed to burn music to CD would be a turn-off
me as well.

Its an iteresting idea though, and much more preferable to Charity
on the streets getting people to sign up without telling them that, very
often, the first year's donation goes to the fund raiser.  I for one
would not mind RNIB and others going this route with an accessible
and a trasparent business like way of trading and fund raising.

Before I stray off topic even more, cheers.

From Ray.

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