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Hi David - Thanks for writing, yes, I know that sound can be mixed down in to 
mono, and both channels put to one ear. My loss isn't that extreme, and is the 
same for both ears, so I want stereo. My hearing is fine in lower and mid 
range, it's just the upper frequencies where the loss occurs, and because I 
don't like the sound when either I use hearing aid input shoes, or when I sit 
over the head headphones on my aids, I need extra volume in order to hear those 
higher frequencies. 

Hope that makes sense -

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  Hi Andy,

  Thank you for your info about the ipod touch and I can fully understand the 
sort of problem you had with the ipod, having a hearing loss. I am just 
wondering if the talked to you about the settings for deaf people, you can 
ajust the out put if you have a hearing loss in one ear, so that all the sound 
comes out of one speaker, or you can ballance the sound to how your hearing is.

  David Weston.
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    Hi Debbie and all -

    Spent some time in my Apple store in Exeter today.

    My experience with the IPod Touch was varied, bear in mind that sometimes I 
    use hearing aids, and sometimes not, and that my hearing loss is in the 
    higher frequencies.

    I found the female voice on the touch to be rather thin and tinny in sound, 
    not sure if the tone can be changed, and in quite a noisy environment such 
    as the store, it was quite difficult to hear using my hearing aids. When I 
    tried headphones [I had taken along a pair of in-ear Sennheisers, and 
    another pair of over the ear noise cancelling headphones] I found the voice 
    was clear enough [no hearing aid for this test] but was disappointed by the 
    level of music volume for both pairs of headphones, it was ok, but given 
    that my hearing loss is in the high end, I need additional volume to fully 
    appreciate those frequencies, and I like music loud anyway, to get fully 
    absorbed in it.

    I noticed that the voice over voice did appear to be capable of greater 
    volume than was available for music, and have wondered since getting home, 
    if this could have been because I tried to increase the music volume while 
    voice over was still talking, and thus increased the latter and not the 
    former. This makes my finding inconclusive. What I would say is, that I 
    think if the Touch was put through another system, say a docking system, or 
    home stereo, or even headphones with individual volume control, then there 
    will be enough umph, but maybe by themselves, just with standard 
    they may well pack less of a punch, but like I said, the voice over was 
    definitely loud and clear enough for me through headphones. I didn't try 
    ones that come with the Touch, as I find included headphones are usually 
    inferior things anyway, so wanted my own pretty good quality ones.

    For those familiar with the N82 mobile, I'd say that voice over and music 
    the Touch, is similar in power to TALKS and music on the N82.

    For those that haven't had hands on, the Touch is very thin and flat, but 
    bigger than I expected, being larger than the average mobile phones. While 
    there, I took a quick look at the Iphone too, and have to say I didn't 
    really like the feel of it in the hand, this is larger still than the 
    and heavier too than many modern mobiles. I didn't feel it felt very 
    holding it to the era because of it's broadness in width. In terms of 
    it felt like a backwards step to me, basically a rectangular frame around a 
    piece of glass, that felt a bit too long, and a bit too wide in the hand 
    when used as a phone, probably fine for texting etc.

    All just my opinion and experience today, and not meant to encourage or 
    dissuade. Hope it helps in some way -


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